Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? I have super busy trying to muddle my way through life, things are a little rocky right now but I am doing my best and that's all we can do, right?

How are we all doing? It's been a little while since I have last posted hasn't it. Life just carried on going and for a little while I felt as though life was in the fast lane while I was stuck in the pit stop. However, I am back now!

Happy Wednesday my lovely people. How are you? I am bringing you a very exciting AD post today. I have teamed up with Wonderbly to share with you their Mother's Day gifts.

Happy Wednesday! I am back and I am feeling slightly shitty but also slightly relieved that my first interview went as well as it possibly could have from my end. I have also completed a 4 mile walk today so I am ready to head to bed soon.

Happy Tuesday, how are you? I'm sorry this post is a day late, yesterday i headed out for an afternoon walk and after walking 3 miles and having a roast beef dinner, i crashed out and fell asleep in the chair.

Happy Friday! Who's glad it's finally the weekend? I sure am! This week has been one big bag of mixed emotions and I am just not loving it. I've had days of feeling like complete garbage and days when I have felt on top of the world. I have sent of two new job applications have two new interviews next week. ...

Happy Wednesday! How are you? After a rough night, I wasn't very optimistic for today but I've decided to get up, get dressed, put some make-up on and continue to work towards my dreams. I'm happy to say, every little step I have taken today has been great because I have two job interviews coming up! Keep your fingers crossed for me....